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Lucca, the heart of Tuscany

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Tuscany is one of the richest regions in Italy, but not rich in the real sense of the term, but figuratively. Art, culture, good food and good wine, sea and mountains, all these things make this place a tourist destination to visit, more than once, because at every opportunity you can discover corners of paradise unknown even to the locals.

Siena, Florence and Pisa are perhaps the most visited cities, but not necessarily the richest of treasures: there are medieval villages, less famous city that internally guard wonders and fabulous environments.

Lucca, for example, is a small town surrounded by a city wall, which is growing every year as a percentage of tourists: the city is not invaded by so-called mass tourism, but it is also a tourist interested in knowing the tradition of a land ancient, which has preserved the historic centre perfectly and gives visitors unforgettable moments.

What to visit in Lucca? The beauty of this place is by strolling through the narrow streets of the centre, passing through the main squares, such as the ancient Roman forum or the amphitheatre, strolling along the main road, Fillungo street, that cuts the city into two, full of shops and boutiques. Lucca is also called “the city of the 100 churches”: some no longer consecrated, still remain almost all accessible and rich in unparalleled cultural heritage.

Another place to visit is Guinigi Tower, a wonderful medieval building, one of the few towers that have not been destroyed over the years and has a unique peculiarity in the world: trees have been planted on its summit. Once you are captured by the beauty and the peculiarity, you can still look at the city from above and enjoy a breathtaking view.

Lucca is also full of villas and palaces: one of them, the Bernardini palace and also offers the chance to stay for tourists. In fact, on the second floor of this palace, is located one of the Lucca luxury apartment: it was built around 1520 and the apartment has just been renovated during the 17th and 18th C. The furniture has been chosen in accordance with the history and the tradition even if you have all the comforts.

A holiday in Lucca, in the heart of the historic centre, between art, culture, beauty and luxury, to live an unforgettable experience and enjoy the beauty of a unique place in the world.

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